Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's DayThank you to my Facebook follower who posted this comment about my wife, Dawn, at the recent Merrie Monarch Festival Parade: "First Lady/First Mother/First Educator."

Dawn has always put her family first throughout our 32 years of marriage. Although pursuing her own career as an educator, and now administrator, in our public school systems, Dawn has been there every step of the way to nurture our three children with the guidance and love that only a mother can provide.

As Dawn travels the state with me during this election season, she is constantly in contact with Matthew, Lauren and Amy, keeping them posted on the campaign. Our children are pursuing higher education on the mainland. I know that some of Dawn's tireless drive to support my candidacy for governor is to ensure a future in Hawai'i where our kids will come home and prosper.

Happy Mother's Day to Dawn and all moms. As governor, I will work to provide our children a future right here at home.

David Ige