Gov. David Ige wins re-election

November 6, 2018

Original media:

HONOLULU (KHON2) - Gov. David Ige has won his bid for re-election. State Sen. Josh Green will become lieutenant governor.

After the third printout, they had 236,574 votes or 61.6 percent versus Republican challengers Andria Tupola and Marissa Kerns with 126,717 votes or 33%.

Ige tells us he's ready to serve for another four years, and has his family, especially his children, to thank for that.

"I think for us, this journey as governor started with our family, and they were just such an integral part of every step of the campaign," Ige told KHON2. "They are our inspiration for why we choose to serve in this capacity. Most importantly, they really support us and keep us on the straight and narrow as we never forget what is really important to the people of Hawaii. It really is about the Hawaii we leave to the next generation."

Gov. David Ige ready for another four...



Gov. David Ige ready for another four...


After the second printout, Ige and Green had 154,162 votes or 64.5% versus Tupola and Kerns with 71,816 votes or 30%.

Tupola and her supporters knew they were underdogs coming into the race, but she still gained the support of tens of thousands of voters. 

"I feel it inside me. It was right for me to run right now, and I know there was so much learning to be done, and I feel like there's a group of people who believe in what we're doing and they're not going to abandon this cause, and I'm not going to abandon this cause," she said. "I feel like it's very important for us to build a Hawaii where more local families can afford to live here and we can't stop. You saw the children in this room. These children deserve a Hawaii that they can actually afford to live in and we've got to fight for that."


Gov. David Ige ready for another four...


1st printout: Gov. David Ige, D, has taken an early lead over his challenger, state Rep. Andria Tupola, R.

Ige and his running mate, Josh Green, received 133,599 votes or 65.1% versus Tupola and her running mate, Marissa Kerns, with 60,674 votes or 29.5%.


Gov. David Ige ready for another four...


Original post: Will voters re-elect Gov. David Ige, D, or will his challenger, state Rep. Andria Tupola, R, take over?

Both candidates were busy Tuesday with their final push to the polls.

Ige says his campaign focused on engaging voters across the state.

"I'm feeling great. From our perspective, it's been a terrific campaign," Ige said. "We've been able to have a strategy and execute in a way we feel very, very cautiously optimistic about the results of today."

"I must have called over a couple hundred people," Tupola said. "This was just one of many hubs we ran throughout the state to get volunteers involved."

Tupola says she's been engaging voters on social media throughout her campaign.

“I wanted to help more people so that those people who were voiceless, who felt like they were underrepresented, could have a voice that would listen to them, that was going to be able to cross partisan lines and maybe even cross demographics and reach everybody,” she said.