Happy Father's Day

igefathersday.jpgWe would like to wish all the dads out there a happy Father’s Day, including our own.

Our dad has served our state for our entire lives, but he's also been there for us. He is the kind of dad who would read to us before bed, cheer us on at AYSO soccer games, and never miss an orchestra concert or ballet recital. Through his actions, he has taught us the importance of integrity, humility, and perseverance. He encourages us to be our best and reminds us to find ways to give back to the communities that we join.

Thank you, Dad, for all that you have done -- you set an amazing example and we are grateful for your love and support.

One of the greatest things our dad has shared with us is an appreciation for family. We stand with him in this election to ensure a better future for our larger family -- the people of Hawai`i.

Help us celebrate Father's Day with our dad by pitching in $10 or more to his campaign.

Hau`oli La Makuakane!
Matthew, Lauren and Amy Ige