State Party Delegate Sign-up Form

As you know, our campaign has received some great news over the past few days. The Star Advertiser and Hawaii News Now released a poll showing us in a strong position even with the campaign in its early stages. In fact, we’ve reduced the gap to a single digit margin.


I was also honored to receive the HSTA’s endorsement this weekend. Wil Okabe, the union’s president, said this endorsement was to “send a very strong message, not only to the people of this state of Hawaii, but we wanted to make sure that our brothers and sisters in other unions can recognize the leadership quality that David has."

My campaign has been reaching out to members of our party as we near convention time, and will continue to do so. I hope that with this latest evidence of my campaign’s momentum, you will consider pledging your support to our campaign to help move Hawaii in a new direction.

If we can count you in, please fill out the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch. To contact us directly, please call 808-462-4567 or toll-free at 844-468-8800 or email us at [email protected].

If you'd like to contribute to the campaign, please click here!

Mahalo for your time and all that you do,