Dear Friends,

With your support we were victorious in the Primary Election.  I am so grateful and proud to represent all of our citizens as your Governor. From the beginning, our supporters and campaign have been our ‘ohana.  Together, we have experienced  the many challenges of campaigning, whether it be waving signs in the hot sun, walking door-to-door, or organizing a stew rice dinner or coffee hour.

Speaking with thousands of voters across the islands about the accomplishments and vision of our Administration, we achieved something few thought we would.  And, it is due to your hard work, sacrifice and generosity.  There is more to be done over the next four years.  

My family and I cannot express in words our appreciation for your faith in me as your Governor. I am humbled by this, the greatest compliment I could ever receive, and I extend my sincerest and heartfelt mahalo.  Because of you, we can continue our efforts to bring the people of our state together so we can continue charting a new direction for Hawai‘iʻs future. 

I want to also thank all of the candidates who ran in this election.  Their efforts to serve and guide government forward to make our state a better place, where our future generations can be proud of, deserve our deepest appreciation.

As we celebrate, I want to thank you, your friends and your family for your generosity and hard work in getting the word out.  As we now move toward the General Election in November, I look forward to bringing voters together, and I humbly ask you to support me again, and all candidates in the Democratic Party.  Together, we will continue to make Hawai‘i the greatest state in our United States.

Me ka ha‘aha‘a, mahalo nui loa,

Governor David Y. Ige