Plasterers & Cement Masons, Ironworkers Endorse Ige for Governor

(Honolulu, HI) Hawaii gubernatorial candidate and incumbent Governor, David Ige, secured the Plasterers & Cement Masons, Local 630, and Ironworkers Local 625 for endorsements. The Plasterers & Cement Masons has 1000 members in Hawaii and represent plasterers and cement finishers. The Ironworkers union represents nearly 850 members who specialize in structural ironwork foundations.

Peter Iriarte, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Business Manager of the Plasterers &Cement Masons stated in today’s press conference, “David has demonstrated his commitment to the well-being of the labor force in Hawaii. He understands that workers need good paying jobs to support our families. His collaborative style brings all parties together to find the needed solutions for today’s challenges andrenewed hope for the future. When a candidate has the ability to bring together organized labor, the private sector, and community organizations, this represents true leadership. That is why we are wholeheartedly endorsing David.

We appreciate that our state is experiencing the highest employment in the nation and we attribute that fact to David. He has gotten citizens off the bench and back to work. Thanks to his dedication and collaborative efforts, we have confidence knowing our fiscal foundation is solid and we will have a prosperousfuture.”

Joseph O’Donnell, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, of Ironworkers Local 625, said,“There are significant construction projects that we attribute to the Governor.Airport modernizations, Kapalama Container Terminal, Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility at Kahului Airport and working closely with the military ensures our labor force maintains long-term employment opportunities.”


O’Donnell stated further, “Major projects like these were dormant under previous administrations but it took a leader like David Ige to activate them. Governor Ige has demonstrated his commitment to the people by actions instead of promises. The members of Ironworkers Local 625 are proud to endorse him for a second-term.”

Governor David Ige said, “I am so pleased and enthusiastically accept theseendorsements. A strong economy depends on statewide construction projects and meaningful jobs for citizens. I thank the leaders and every single laborer who shares my vision of economic growth and sustainability.

The endorsements by both labor parties took place on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at the David Ige for Governor Headquarters, located at 1803 N. King St. in Honolulu, with over 200 construction laborers and supporters .

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