Stand With Us Against Donald Trump's Actions on Immigration

Sign This Petition Show Opposition To:

A ban on visas for people from seven Muslim countries.

A stop on accepting refugees form around the world

An indefinite stop on all Syrian refugees

Last week President Trump signed executive orders calling for a 90-day ban on visas for people from seven Muslim countries, a 120-day stop on accepting refugees and an indefinite stop on all Syrian refugees. While it is the job of the President of the United States to safeguard its people and its borders it should not be at the expense of our ideals and values.

As I mentioned in my State of the State Address last Monday, we have a proud history of perseverance, hard work and overcoming great odds. We are a state rich in diversity and immigrant roots which forms the backbone of our culture. We should not turn away anyone looking to escape deplorable conditions and deny them an opportunity at a better life.

I’m asking those of you who believe in those same values to sign this petition and send a message to the President and the world that the people of Hawai'i want to share our way of life with those in search of the American Dream.

Inclusion and acceptance has long been a staple of our culture because Hawai’i is a place where people have come to build a better life through hard work and determination. We also know better than most the consequences that fear and hatred can have, as seen in our recent past. I hope you will join me in signing this petition and tell the President and the world that we cannot allow ourselves to be swept away by fear and forget who we are and what we stand for.

Will you sign?