First Forum: Democracy in Action!

forum.jpgToday, the first Democratic gubernatorial forum, was another step toward victory on August 9.

David strongly shared his positions and showed his expansive knowledge about how to lead state government and about the issues important to all of us.

He has been listening to people across Hawai'i as he makes his way throughout every community and is remaining true to his leadership style of being respectful of all views.

Thank you to our enthusiastic sign-wavers lining the street in front of the forum location. It was a welcome sight today for David, Dawn, Amy and Matthew as they reached the Japanese Cultural Center!

The momentum -- the reason we are up 11 points -- is all because of you.

We're almost at the end of our fundraising quarter, and we need to close strong so we can reach out to every voter in Hawai'i.

Can you donate $25 to our campaign today? That would allow us to knock on more doors, make more phone calls and get more voters to the polls in August.

Keith Hiraoka