Governor Ige has accomplished many historic firsts that have moved Hawaiʻi forward.

  • Taking steps to be more more environmentally-friendly. Signed first-in-the-nation legislation to require 100% of electricity generated should come from renewable energy resources by 2045.
  • Protecting our environment. First governor in the nation to enact legislation that adheres to the Paris climate agreement
  • Received an AA+ bond rating for the state. This means lower interest rates and more tax dollars to fund projects.
  • Taking care of our Kupuna and their caregivers. Approved state funding for Kupuna Care, aiding full-time family caregivers who also have full-time jobs to tap into community resources. AARP Hawaiʻi called it a “major win.”
  • Sponsored the 2016 International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress. Brought thousands of environmental leaders and decision-makers, government, indigenous peoples, business, and academia together to advance the goals of conserving the environment, developing solutions and addressing global challenges.
  • Keeping Hawaiʻisafe. Protected Hawaiʻi residents from gun violence by requiring more rigorous FBI gun owner background checks to keep guns out of the hands of stalkers, harassers and the serious mentally ill.
  • Safeguarding our keiki’s health. Advocated raising the smoking age to 21 to deter children and young adults from a deadly habit.
  • Protecting Hawaiʻi's coral reefs. Governor Ige sign a law that banned sunscreens that contain chemicals which harm coral reefs, the first law of its kind in the country.
  • Reducing Harmful Toxins on our Islands. The Governor signed the first law in the country banning pesticides containing potentially harmful chemical chlorpyrifos starting in 2023.