Governor Ige is delivering an accessible and affordable health system for all Hawaiʻi residents.

  • Keeping Hawaiʻi healthy. Thanks to an accessible and inclusive healthcare system, Hawaiʻi residents have the longest life expectancy and some of the lowest healthcare spending in the U.S.
  • Keeping body and mind healthy. Governor Ige dedicated funding and increased focus on mental health treatment.
  • Taking care of our Kupuna. The Ige administration approved funding for Kupuna Care, aiding full-time family caregivers who also have full-time jobs to tap into community resources. AARP Hawaiʻi called it a “major win.”
  • Protecting our Keiki. Under Ige’s leadership, Hawaiʻi was the first state in the country to raise the smoking age to 21, deterring children and young adults from a deadly habit.
  • Fighting the opioid crisis.Ige secured federal funding and created a statewide initiative to involve state health, public safety and consumer protection agencies to fight opioid abuse.
  • Giving people access to the medicines they need. The Ige administration oversaw the launch and proper regulation of Hawaiʻi’s first medicinal cannabis dispensaries statewide for qualified persons with health conditions..