Governor Ige's vision and policies will reduce our energy costs, transform our economy, and lead the nation and the world.

  • Taking steps to be more more environmentally-friendly. Signed first-in-the-nation legislation to require 100% of electricity from renewable energy resources by 2045.
  • Increasing renewable energy. With growth in rooftop PV systems and 11 utility-scale renewable projects approved since 2015, we are currently on target to meet the Y2020 interim renewable goal of 30%.
  • Protecting our environment. First governor to commit the State of Hawai'i to the Paris Climate Agreement. Reduced CO2 greenhouse gases by 43,335 metric tons and ahead of Paris goal for carbon reduction.
  • Saving taxpayers money. Reached a preliminary agreement with Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning to cool seven state office buildings and the state Capitol, which could save taxpayers more than $14 million a year.
  • Economic and environmentally sound solutions. Opposes importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) as another fossil fuel source to generate electricity that would involve huge infrastructure investments and deter from the long-term focus and efforts on renewable energy.