Americans for Democratic Action Endorses David Ige for re-election

Americans for Democratic Action - Hawai'i Chapter - endorses David Ige for re-election as our Governor. He has been aligned with our policy goals to defend civil rights, support medical aid in dying, increasing educational resources, opposing NextEra's attempt to take-over Hawaii's electrical generating facilities; he agrees that we need to rid our coral reefs of oxybenzone, that we need to make our tax system more fair, and that we need to alleviate our very critical housing problems.

"Our Board is concerned about social and economic justice," said ADA Hawaii President John Bickel. " We believe that Governor David Ige is the better candidate to defend these values against the opposing corporate interests."

The organization has about 250 members and has actively engaged in state and local political issues for many years.

Other Endorsements:

Americans for Democratic Action Hawai'i endorses Beth Fukumoto for Congress in District 1.Beth is fully aligned with our policy goals to oppose the Trump administration's regressive

policies and has a positive agenda to promote economic, political, social, and environmental

justice. "Our board was impressed with her at the candidate forum," said ADA Hawaii President

John Bickel. " We believe she could build up seniority and be the kind of powerful voice for the

less advantaged as Patsy Mink, our former organization president, was." Rep. Fukumoto has a

record of good votes and clean ethics.

ADA Hawaii endorses in these legislative races:

SD4 Heather Kimball
SD6 Terez Amato Lindsey SD 8 Michelle Kidani
SD 19 Matt LoPresti


HD2 Chris Todd
HD3 Raina Whiting
HD4 Joy San Buenaventura HD6 Nicole Lowen
HD5 Richard Creagan
HD 8 Justin Hughey
HD11 Tina Wildberger
HD12 Tiare Lawrence
HD23 Dylan Armstrong
HD30 Sonny Ganaden
HD36 - Marilyn Lee
DH41 Lynn Robinson-Onderko

HD42 Jacob Schafer
HD44 Cedric Gates
HD46 Amy Perruso
HD48 Jessica Wooley
HD 49 Natalia Hussey-Burdick

Americans for Democratic Action is an organization founded in the 1950s by leading supporters of the New Deal and led by Patsy Mink in the 1970s. We are devoted to the promotion of progressive public policies. We have about 250 active members statewide.

John Bickel
728-9682 [email protected]