Governor Ige is working to double local food production by 2020 to transform our economy and create a more sustainable Hawaiʻi.

  • Helping local farmers. Provided more than $8.1 million in ag loans to Hawaiʻi farmers, aquaculture operations, and water associations.
  • Increasing agriculture production. Doubled state ag land inventory by acquiring more than 2,500 acres of former pineapple and sugar plantation lands for agriculture production.
  • Protecting Hawaiʻi’s fauna. Completed Hawaiʻi Interagency Biosecurity Plan—first comprehensive plan that coordinates strategies between agencies to protect Hawaiʻi from invasive species.
  • Protecting our most precious resource.Developed water and renewable energy resources to support agricultural efforts.
  • Aiding organic farmers. Established a tax credit to assist and support organic farmers.
  • Protecting Ohia trees. Provided $1.264 million to fight Rapid Ohia Death and sustain Ohia tree forests that are the jewel of Hawaiʻi Island.