To have a state government that is honest, transparent and responsive to its citizens.


To change the trajectory of Hawai‘i by restoring faith in government and establishing the Hawaiian Islands as a place future generations choose to call home.

Education: Empower our public schools and university, focus on 21st century skills and learning, and ensure schools provide a healthy and safe learning environment.

Effective, Efficient, and Open Government: Restore the public’s trust in government by committing to reforms that increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve transparency and accountability.

Housing: Build homes that people can afford, including rentals, to address the needs of those entering the work force. Renovate the state’s public housing facilities. On O‘ahu, identify state lands near transit stations for housing, employment centers, daycare, senior centers, and community facilities.

Health: Create a 21st century health system that improves access, treatment, and affordability for all Hawai‘i residents, beginning with our children, honoring our elders, and including rural communities on all islands.

Economy: Promote economic diversification and policies that support growth, including attracting more air carriers to Hawai‘i, expanding the U.S. Customs Pre-clearance Program, and upgrading and expanding broadband infrastructure. Recognize and support renewable energy initiatives and the military as crucial pillars of Hawai‘i’s economy.

Energy: Ensure a 100 percent renewable energy future in which we work together as a state, focusing on making solar and other technologies available for all.

Agriculture: Double local food production by 2020; develop water and energy resources to support this effort. Provide loans for farmers and more land for agriculture.

Environment: Foster environmental stewardship from mountain to sea. Protect and more efficiently use our fresh water supply. Provide state lands for public use and enjoyment.

Native Hawaiians: Honor, respect, and promote Native Hawaiian culture and sustainability; Support the Native Hawaiian community’s ongoing efforts for a Hawaiian-based governance structure.

Traffic: Support the development and completion of public transit systems, including bus and rail. Deploy traffic mitigation initiatives to reduce congestion on our roadways.

Taxes: Modernize our tax system, increase efficiency for taxpayers and hold accountable those who do not pay their taxes.


Our core values are centered on collaboration and integrity, guiding the state’s new trajectory.

Aloha: We treat everyone with dignity, respect and kindness, reflecting our belief that people are our greatest source of strength.

Kuleana: We uphold a standard of transparency, accountability and reliability, performing our work as a government that is worthy of the public’s trust.

Laulima: We work collaboratively with business, labor and the community to fulfill our public purpose.

Kūlia: We do our very best to reflect our commitment to excellence.

Pono: We strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons to deliver results that are in the best interest of the public.

Lōkahi: We honor the diversity of our employees and our constituents through inclusiveness and respect for the different perspectives that each brings to the table.

Ho‘okumu: We continually seek new and innovative ways to accomplish our work and commit to finding creative solutions to the critical issues facing this state.